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Keep up to date with what's hot at Tapas-recipes.com! The best tapas recipes, along with original Spanish ingredients! Discover one of Spain's best-kept culinary secrets!

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Tapas: small bites of Spanish flavor

Tapas are Spain's greatest food invention. 'Eat when you drink, drink when you eat' is the philosophy. Tapas food is real food - good local ingredients presented with flair.

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Meat & Poultry Tapas

There is a huge choice of good-quality meat available in Spain, and it is used to prepare all sorts of dishes. Pork is specially popular for sausages and tapas dishes and it is used to make morcilla, lomo, jamon, chorizo, fuet, salsichon and salsichas.

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Spanish tapas - easy recipes

The best recipes for spanish tapas.In the Mediterranean diet it is typical to begin the food with succulent starters to open up the appetite. Either in complete portions or in half rations - the famous ‘tapas’ – appetizers are usually served before the food. Of the endless variety of starters that is possible to find - there is not town that doesn't have his own - we introduce a selection that we believe you will really enjoy.

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Jamon - Spanish Ham

Jamon Serrano country ham is a source of great pride among Spaniards. From time immemorial in the mountains of Spain, they have rolled fresh hams in sea salt and hung them from their rafters to cure.  A year to eighteen months later the jamones are ready to mount on special stands that are designed so that anyone can stop by, carve a few paper-thin slices, and enjoy an impromptu snack – perhaps with some manchego cheese.

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Foie Toast with Jamon Iberico

This extraordinary and Special Ham deserves its own space. The Jamon Iberico it's exclusive from Spain. Iberian hogs are born, fed and raised in the south and northwest of Spain.

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What are tapas?

Tapas, montaditos, pinchos (pintxos in Basque), banderillas, raciones, cazuelitas, pulguitas - all are variations on the same theme: small servings of food eaten before a meal. While today Spaniards rarely have to explain the nature of Tapas to visitors, the meaning of the term has taken on outside Spain doesn't convey the full sense of the ritual that is such an important part of our daily existence.

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Tapas Ideas

Sometimes, you need ideas for an special occasion: a birthday party, the Super Bowl, or perhaps you want to surprise your guests with a theme dinner. Tapas are perfect for these events!

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