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Seville Tapas Bars

There are two basic types of dining out in Sevilla: going for tapas (small portions generally between 1,50-4€) or heading to a restaurant for a more traditional meal. This section covers the many bars and restaurants where you can practice tapeando, or going out for tapas.

This is not to say you can't order a plate of food in many tapas bars: you will see groups sharing a ración (plate) or media ración (half-plate) of the same dishes. And in many of the good restaurants you can order tapas at the bar. This is a nice way to try some excellent food without paying the full price of a sit down dinner or lunch!

Casa Cuesta

The Casa Cuesta location in Triana has a history of over 100 years (founded in 1880). The location in the center has a history of less than a year! Still, the folks at Casa Cuesta have of course benefited from running a restaurant and tapas bar for more than a century, and that experience shows in the new location.

My recommendation would be to arrive early, as the bar area for tapas is much smaller than the Triana location. Once you get a spot at the bar, take a look at the long list of tapas covering just about every genre: pescado (fish), mariscos (shellfish), carnes (meat), chacina (cured meats such as jamón, caña de lomo, chorizo) and a number of specials.

Casa Cuesta
c/ Zaragoza 50 (near Plaza Nueva)
Tel: 954 229 718

El Patio de San Eloy

As typical a Sevillian atmosphere as you can get once inside. The lower level is large and open, with ceramic tile benches/bleachers in the back where you can sit down and munch on olives or little sandwiches (montaditos). A large number of these montaditos and sandwiches are sacked high behind the bar, ready to be heated up and served (though one wonders about the freshness without refrigeration).

Surrounding the bar are several groups of tables. Upstairs there is a dining area, but no real dining goes on in this place. In fact, I really recommend this as a place for a cold beer. The waiters always seem friendly enough, but after having seen them pull the bad part of a piece of jamón off a montadito before heating it up (more than a few times), I'm not too "keen" on eating much aside from the olives.

El Patio de San Eloy
c/ San Eloy 9

Blanco Cerillo

They have some other tapas as well, but why bother when they have perfected boquerones en escabeche. If I had to pick one food for the rest of my life it would be this. The bar is very small and outdoor seating may be a few minutes wait on a nice day. Same (and the only) waiter, Emilio, has been there for over 10 years. I make sure I go almost once a week. Boquerones are best ordered in tapa or media ración, and it's your choice with homemade mayo or without. Sadly, we don't see Emilio working the tables outside anymore, and wonder where he is. He was my favorite sevillista, and always took good care of us.

Blanco Cerillo
c/ Jose de Velilla

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