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Jamon - Spanish Ham

"Jamón is Spain's National Treasure"

Jamon Serrano country ham is a source of great pride among Spaniards. From time immemorial in the mountains of Spain, they have rolled fresh hams in sea salt and hung them from their rafters to cure.  A year to eighteen months later the jamones are ready to mount on special stands that are designed so that anyone can stop by, carve a few paper-thin slices, and enjoy an impromptu snack – perhaps with some manchego cheese.

It is unlike the smoked and salty Virginia country hams, which have to be soaked and cooked. And it is even significantly different from Italian prosciutto, which is cured for a few months with a coating of lard. The Spanish jamón serrano has distinctly more flavor, and significantly less salt than country ham and less fat than prosciutto.

Jamón serrano is more than a delicacy in Spain; it is a normal part of every family’s life. Every tapas bar and neighborhood café has their own hams. During the Holiday Season there are literally hundreds of them hanging from the rafters of major food stores for the holiday shoppers.

What is the appeal? Jamon Serrano is a flavorful, natural ham, cured in the country air. This extended curing transforms the ham, imparting a deep flavor and aroma. This lengthy curing also means it is much less fatty and has a firmer bite than Italian prosciutto. You can serve it sliced paper-thin with cheese and olives, or use it to flavor your favorite Spanish recipes.

The secret to jamon lies in its curing, recreating the effect of traditional techniques. This tradition is kept alive in rural areas where in early winter, family and friends gather to slaughter their livestock in preparation for winter months. The hams are placed in sea salt for a brief period of time – approximately one day per kilo – and then they are strung up.  They are allowed to experience the changes of temperature as the seasons progress.  The right time to eat them is when an experienced ham-master inserts a long splinter of cow bone and whiffs the jamón, like a connoisseur of wine who sniffs the cork.

Until recently there were no Serrano hams in the U.S. and we are proud to carry all that are available. Whole hams are great for parties and family get-togethers, while a package of slices is convenient and great to serve at a moments notice. However you serve it, jamon serrano will add the flavor of Spain to your home.

Our selection of Jamon

2 Pound Boneless Jamon Center Piece

Jamon serrano by Redondo Iglesias is the finest serrano ham available in the U.S. Now you can enjoy it in a convenient 2 lb piece.

Because it is protected by its fat, this piece will stay fresher than the sliced jamon that we sell. Any trimmings left over can be used for soups or stews.


Bone-In Jamon Serrano

'Reserva' Serrano Ham by Redondo Iglesias

This is the real thing -- the traditional jamón serrano Spanish country ham. You can see them in just about every bar and restaurant in Spain. In fact the hams are so popular that there is actually a chain of restaurants named "Museo del Jamón".

In a person's home the traditional bone-in jamón is often mounted on a special holder which displays it at its best. Next to it rests a long sharp knife for easy carving. Throughout each day family members, relatives and friends each slice a few paper-thin pieces for a refreshing snack.

The bone in jamón is a wonderful centerpiece for any gathering of family or friends. No refrigeration needed.


Boneless Jamon Serrano
'Reserva' Serrano Ham by Redondo Iglesias

As with the bone-in jamón, each Redondo Iglesias Jamón serrano is dry-cured for over a year, which allows enough time for the flavors to interact and mature. The boneless presentation is much easier to slice, or to chunk and freeze for later cocidos and cooking. If you are not going to carve the ham from a stand every day, this might be the best way to go.

Each Redondo Iglesias Jamón serrano is dry-cured in Spain. It takes over a year for the interacting flavors to reach their peak. The Redondo brothers are the third generation to head this family-operated company. They are bringing to America a product individually cured on a small scale in their plant nestled in the Utiel Mountains of Valencia.

Pre-Order - Bone-In Jamon Iberico 'BELLOTA'

Jamon Iberico Bellota hams are marbled with rich golden fat, infused with the flavor of the Iberico pigs' favorite food, the acorn -'bellota' in Spanish. Sliced paper-thin, it has a rich nutty flavor and tender texture.

Jamon Iberico Bellota is the pride of Spain, and Spaniards consume the vast majority of these hams in their own country. Some producers have waiting lists for several years for their best products. The target date for delivery of the whole traditional "pata negra" Jamon Iberico is Winter of 2008.

Each ham will be weighed before shipping. Because of variation in the size of the jamon, the price of the individual ham will vary. Bone-in hams will weigh about 15 lb.

Pre-Order - Bone-In Jamon Iberico

This is the type of Jamón Ibérico most commonly served in Spain. However it is made from pigs that are not finished on acorns and do not spend free-range time in the dehesa forests. La Tienda will be bringing in two types of jamón ibérico. This, the regular Ibérico, as well as the premium 'bellota' ham. Both hams come from the same genetic stock: both are 'pata negra' hams from certified Iberian hogs, sacrificed and cured in La Alberca by Embutidos y Jamones Fermín.

It is an artisan ham, more widely available, and therefore more affordable than the premium Bellota. Typically, these Ibérico hams cure for approximately 24 months, rather than 36 for the rare Jamón Ibérico Bellota. For this reason, we will have them a year earlier. The target date for delivery of the whole traditional "pata negra" Jamon Iberico is Winter of 2007.

We will weigh each ham before shipping. Because of variation in the size of the jamón, the price of the individual ham will vary. Bone-in hams will weigh about 15 lb.

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